This project first started as a way to combat the onslaught of digital photographs. It seems like the focus is now downloading and uploading as quickly as possible just so other people can see them on a screen. I remember going to the pharmacy with my mom and dropping off a few rolls of film and waiting an hour, or even more, for it to get processed and printed. When we got home there was the build of anticipation as we took the 4x6 prints out of the sleeve and flipped through them by hand. By hand. Holding the objects in our hands the moments felt that much more real and you got to relive the entire roll, whether it took 10 minutes to shoot or it stayed in the camera for months. Moments that were once forgotten were now in your hand starring you in the face. Polaroids obviously gave you the instant satisfaction that digital allows but you still had a photo to hold. I miss these moments as they begin to become fewer and further between as everyone upgrades to the newest DSLR with wifi and a Starbucks built in. So I started shooting everyday moments of my life and surroundings, friends and family on disposable Kodak cameras and having them developed at a local pharmacy; no retouching, no after effects just good old fashioned candids. Some of them sucked, some were pretty cool but no matter what, it was the joy that I experienced flipping through the photographs as objects that keeps me going. It's by no means the most affordable or high-tech method, but I'm ok with that..

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